Ancient Relics are where players can get plans for Crystal and Obsidian equipment. Each Ancient Relic has skeleton soldiers protecting the treasure chest. There are two types of relic buildings you can get these plans from: Crystal Ancient Relics give Crystal plans; Obsidien Ancient Relics give Obsidian plans.

As a character levels up, Relic location markers will be added to their World Map.

Crystal Ancient RelicsEdit

Ancient Crystal Relics can be found in:

  • Fragrant Plains
  • Jade Praire
  • Joy River Valley
  • Shadesnow Mountain
  • Twilight Foothills
  • Silvermoon Hills
  • Herder Plains
  • Leaf Fall Mountains
  • Old Mornmist/Travelers Hill
  • Old Tulip Plains
  • Old Platinum Bay

Ancient Obsidian RelicsEdit

Ancient Obsidian Relics are rarer than Ancient Crystal Relics.  Ancient Obsidian Relic chests are found on top of the Relic; you have to climb the Relic to get the Relic chest.

Ancient Obsidian Relics can be found in:

  • Herder Plains
  • Silvermoon
  • Jade Prarie
  • Shadesnow Mountains
  • Lalu Volcano
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