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|Mottled Parrot
|Mottled Parrot
|Abalone + Wheat Feed + Chilli Feed
|Abalone + Wheat Feed + Chilli Feed
|55 (updated)
|14552, 14349
|14552, 14349
Old bread Island
Old bread Island

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The Mount plays an important role in Utopia:Origin. Mounts can not only be used instead of walking, but also can also be used to increase the load you can carry without getting a speed debuff

How to capture a Mount

You will need at least three things before you can capture a Mount: a Wood Club, a Mount Saddle and several of the target Mount's capture food. See the tables below to find out what each Mount needs as capture food.

Once you have chosen a Mount to capture and found it in the wild, you need to attack it to lower it's HP. You can do this with any weapon, but be careful if you have a Companion with you, because the Companion may kill the Mount. Knock the Mount down to about 1/4 HP, then hit it with a Wooden Club to stun it. After stunning, get close to the Mount and click the 'hand' dialogue box, then you could start feeding your Mount its capture food. After hearts appear above your Mount’s head, you can capture it using a Mount's Saddle and then the Mount will appear in your Mount list.

How to make Feed

There are three overarching types of Feed.

Meat Feed is dropped by mobs. In general, higher level mobs drop higher quality meat feed.

Feed that is not specifically Mount Feed ([Mount name] Feed) is made at the Work Bench, under the Items tab.

Mount Feeds that have more than one ingredient are made by placing all of the ingredients into a Cooking Pot at the same time. Mount Feeds that only have one ingredient need no cooking-- just give the listed item to the Mount in question.


Ground Mounts

Mount Feed Recipe Recommended no.

of feed



Load *Kg
Sheep Wheat 7~10 Plain Areas, Mountains 5000-5500 15~20
Cow Wheat 7~10 Plain Areas, Mountains 3244-4000 15~25
Pig Soybeans 7~10 Plain Areas, Mountains 3000 15~20
Red Pig Wheat Feed + Soybeans Feed 6~10
Bull Wheat 7~10 Plain Areas, Mountains, Deserts 6500~7000 25~35
Wild Cattle/ Desert Bull Wheat Feed + Sugar Cane + Apple 7-10 Golden River Valley 6500~7500 30~35
Horned Bull 45+ 6500~7000 30~35
King Horned Bull White Lotus Feed+ Wheat Feed+Uncommon Meat   Feed 20~25 Island on the left of Springday Coast 6500~7000 35~40
Brown Horse Carrot 7~10 Plain Areas, Mountains 6500~7000 20~25
Blue Horse Blowfish+ Wheat feed + Corn feed 7~10 Plain Areas, Mountains 7000~7500 25~30
Red Horse Quality Meat Feed+ Wheat feed + Chili feed 2–11 Bone Mountain, Old Bread Island (and other old islands), Lalu Volcano, Jade Prairie, Cape Forest 7500~8000 30~35
Black Horse Blue Lotus feed+Wheat feed+ Abalone 45+ Island on the left of Springday Coast, Lalu Volcano, Joy River Valley 7500~8500 35~45
Wolf Meat Feed 15+ Desert Areas, Plain and Mountain areas 7000~7500 15~20
Lone Wolf (Becomes

King Wolf)

Quality Meat Feed+ Raw Lamp Chop 15+ Old Platinum Bay, Plain Areas,Jade Praire (Spawns near the teleporting area beside a rock) 7500~8000 20~25
Desert Wolf Meat Feed+ Raw Lamp Chop+ Potato Feed 15+ Island Below Twilight Foothills, Desert Areas 7000~7500 15~20
King Desert Wolf Quality Meat Feed+ Raw Lamp Chop+Potato Feed 15+ Island Below Twilight Foothills, Desert Areas 7500~8000 20~25
Snow Wolf Meat Feed+ Raw Lamp Chop+ Wheat   Feed 25+ Shadesnow Mountain
King Snow Wolf Quality Meat Feed+ Raw Lamp Chop+   Wheat Feed Can't be tamed Shadesnow Mountain, Old Tulip Plains 7500~8000 20~25
Sabretooth Tiger Crawfish+ Meat Feed+ Raw Steak 15 Old Platinum Bay 7000~7500 20~25
King Sabretooth Tiger Crawfish+ Quality Meat Feed+ Raw Steak 15 Old Platinum Bay 7500~8000 30~36
Rockfire Sabretooth Quality Meat Feed + Rare Meat Feed +Large Scallop Feed 15 Lalu Volcano 8000 or less 25~30
King Rockfire Sabretooth Uncommon Meat Feed + Rare Meat Feed + Large Scallop Feed 25 Lalu Volcano 7500-8172 30-35
Camel Corn Feed + Wheat Feed 10 Old Bread Islands 6500~7000 30~35
Hawkstrider Wheat feed + Carrot Feed 15 Old Bread Island, Lalu Volcano

Springday Island

7500~8000 25~30


Red Lotus feed+ Onion feed+ Uncommon Meat Feed 110 7500~8500 35~45
Dark T-Rex Geoduck + Rare Meat Feed + Uncommon Meat Feed 55 Lalu Volcano 6500~8000 47.65-64.80
Ice Venom Dragon Ray+Ice fish feed+ ElfFish 110 Northend 10000-11000 80
Unicorn Strawberry feed+ Elf Fish+ King Crab 110 7500~8500 35~45

Water Mounts

Mount Feed Recipe Recommended no.

of feed

Location Speed Load


Young Mackerel Shark Quality Meat + Raw Lamb Chop + Geoduck 19-25 Water north of Jade Prairie, Water north east of the island next to Herder Plains 7500~8200

Sprint Speed 15000~16500

Gray Mackerel Shark Rare Meat + Blue Lotus Feed + Clown Fish 65 Near Northern Watch and Southern Star 8500~9200

Sprint Speed 17000~18400

Tigerskin Shark Uncommon Meat + Gold Arowana + Clown Fish 110

18985, 12702

19189, 14563

447, 15802


Sprint Speed 19000~20400


Flying Mounts

Mount Feed Recipe Recommended no.

of feed

Location Speed Load *Kg
Raptor Griffin Shark Heart + Elf Fish + Uncommon Meat Feed 110 (5559,14065) (15872,11387) 7000~8000

Flying Speed 10000~11000

Mottled Parrot Abalone + Wheat Feed + Chilli Feed 55 (updated) 14552, 14349

Old bread Island


Flying Speed 8000~9000

Molten Dragon Elf Fish + Dragon Grass + Uncommon Meat Feed 85-100 Flowfire Desert 8000~8500

Flying Speed 14000~15000

50 or less

Special Mounts

Ground Mounts

Mount How to get Speed Load *Kg
Mystic Piggymon Red Envelope Event 6500 25
Ancient Alligator 1800 Credits (30 days) 8300 43
Black Hawkstrider 5600 Credits 8300 43
Blue Horse 30 Credits ? ?
Bull Elk Top up $4.99 8000 43
Elf Deer 5600 Credits 8300 43
Fog Island Deer I Evolve Elf Deer 8500 43
Fog Island Deer II Evolve Fog Island Deer I 8620

Water Speed 11000

Sprint Speed 22000

Fluffy Bunny 3600 Credits 8300 43
Panda Fufu 1800 Credits, Sharing event,

Lucky Wheel

8300 43
Lava Elk 5600 Credits, Lucky Wheel 8300 43
King Snow Wolf December 2018 Facebook event ? ?
T-Rex 5600 7300 60
Unicorn 5600 Credits 9000 43
Venom Dragon

? Credits

Merge Companion release event

8300 43

Special Water Mounts

Mount How to get Speed Load *Kg
Dolphin Lele 3600 Credits 10060

Sprint Speed 20120

Goldie 1800 Credits 9200

Sprint Speed 18400


Special Flying Mounts

Mount How to get Speed Load *Kg
Storm Griffin 5600 Credits 7800

Flying Speed 10800

Dawn Griffin Lucky Wheel


Flying Speed:10800

Black Eclipse Dragon Lucky Wheel 8300

Flying Speed 14800

Wind Dragon Evolve Black Eclipse Dragon 8600

Flying Speed 16000

Gilded Dragon Evolve Wind Dragon 8700

Flying Speed 17000

Unicorn III Evolved From Unicorn 8700

Flying Speed


Cape Kakapo

3600 Credits, Merge Companions release event


Flying Speed 10300

Cloud Dragon Cloud Dragon Pack 8700

Flight Speed 17000

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