Fish are items used in Campfire and Cooking Pot recipes, as well as for making Mount and Companion Feed.

Almost all fish are caught using a Fishing Pole armed with Bait.  Scallops and Large Scallops are an exception; they can be gathered from sandy Beach biomes.

Name Location Rarity & Bait Pet/Mount Feed


Abalone Fairy River Crawfish Bait (15%)

Ancient Alligator x55

Black Horse x45+

Mottled Parrot x45+

Juicy Abalone
Blowfish Heart of Sky Blue river on Springday Island

Meditation Lake (Skull)

Blue Horse x7-10

Exotic Fish

Bullfrog Sky Blue river on Springday Island

Spicy Bullfrog

Stir-fried Bullfrog

Vine Pepper Bullfrog


Turtle x?

Lava Turtle x?

Spicy Stir-Fried Carp

Sweet & Sour Carp

Tomato & Fish Ball Soup

Catfish Sky Blue river on Springday Island Pool Turtle x12-15

Braised Catfish w/ Tofu

Crispy Fish Fillet

Exotic Fish

Spicy Steamed Fish

Spicy Stir-Fried Catfish

Clown Fish 20% Gray Mackerel Shark x65

Tiger Skin Shark x110

Eel Fairy River

Eel Rice

Kabayaki Eel

Elf Fish Everywhere Craw/Hairy Crab Bait (0.10%)

Griffin x100-110

Molten Dragon x85-100

Unicorn x100-110

Mushroom Fish Soup

Dark T-Rex x55

Young Mackerel Sharkx19-25

Boiled Geoduck

Clam Omelet

Geoduck Pizza

Geoduck Sashimi

Green Carp

Braised Green Carp

Sichuan Chili Carp

Green Grouper

Green Grouper Pot

Pine Nut Fish Soup

Tofu Delight

Green Karp
Gold Arowana South Star Beacon

North Star Beacon

RAREST Tiger Skin Shark x110
Hairtail Brown Warbear x13-16

Braised Hairtail w/ Taro

Pan-fried Hairtail

Steamed Hairtail w/ Chopped Chili

Sweet & Sour Hairtail

Hairy Crab Pleasant Valley River

Sky Blue river on Springday Island

Hairy Crab + Wheat Lava Turtle x?

Giant Ape x11-15

Braised Crab Meat w/ Carrot

Crab Feast

Crawfish & Crab

Deep Fried Crab Legs

Kelp Harvest Sea and along shore lines of seas Brown Warbear

Beef Onigiri

Boiled Geoduck

Chicken Cutlet Onigiri

Chicken Onigiri

Fried Little Sea Snail

Kelp & Egg Soup

Kelp & Ribs Soup

Kelp, Tofu & Prawn Soup

Lamb Chop Onigiri

Pork Onigiri

Steak Onigiri

Large Scallop Lying on beach

King Rockfire Sabertooth x12

Rockfire Sabertooth x12-15

Large Scallop Pizza
Leopard Grouper

Baked Grouper w/ Secret Sauce

Leopard Grouper Pot

Sour Soup Grouper

Yuxiang Shredded Pork w/ Rice

Lobster West of Springday Coast Large Worm or King Worm

Mammoth x11-25

Snow Mammoth x?

Blue Mushroom Prawn Bun

Deep Fried Lobster Balls

Lobster Ball

Lucky Prawn

Mushroom Prawn Bun

Red Mushroom Prawn Bun

Steamed Lobster

Mackerel Fairy River

Fish Fin w/ Lotus

Mackerel Dumplings

Spicey Stir-fried w/ Mackerel

Mandarin Fish Ancient Alligator x55

Mandarin Fish w/ Sour Soup

Spicy Mandarin Fish

Spicy Stir-fried Perch

Sweet & Sour Deep-fried Mandarin Fish

Red Carp

Braised Red Carp

Sichuan Chili Carp

Salmon Pool Turtle x12-15 Salmon Burger

Salmon Sashimi

Scallop Lying on beach

Small Scallop Pizza

Steamed Egg w/ Scallop

Silver Pomfret Harvest Sea

Braised Silver Pomfret in Sauce

Orleans BBQ

Pan-fried Silver Pomfret

Salt & Pepper Silver Pomfret

Silver Pomfret Caviar

Tiger Grouper

Coconut & Fish Head

Tiger Grouper Pot

Tuna Havest Sea

Tuna Burger

Tuna Onigiri

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