Cooking pot
(A list of Cooking Pot recipes can be found on the Recipes page.)

The Cooking Pot is a Facility used for cooking.  It is made at the Work Bench by combining 10 Iron Bars and 10 Wood.

Where the Campfire offers a limited selection of cooked items that players can click on to craft, the Cooking Pot allows for the crafting of hundreds of items.  Most of those items are food the player character can eat, but a percentage of the craftable items are Feeds for capturing Mounts, Companions, and Hearth Animals.

Unlike the Campfire, however, the Cooking Pot does not offer a clear this-makes-that interface; players are left to discover what different combinations of items create with limited guidance from the game.

The Cooking Pot requires a player to keep the crafting interface open in order to batch-make items.  While this makes cooking food take time from other in-game activities, it does also allow a player, if they so wish, to use the Cooking Pot to store up to three items.

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